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FeedChopper: Turn any long document into a daily RSS feed


For the past day I have been building a new web service called FeedChopper. Basically you paste in a long web article or list of links or quotations, and it gives you an RSS feed that delivers one section (or link or quotation) each day to your feedreader.


I created it because I'll often come across some long article or tutorial and I don't have an hour to read it in its entirety. Or someone will recommend a good collection of links, but it would be overwhelming to read them all in one sitting. With FeedChopper I get the information in daily bite-sized pieces.

(FeedChopper is also a good simple demo of the Ruby-on-Rails-like PHP framework that we use for new apps at Ning. View the source code.)

My hope is that by chopping up long articles into daily "lessons", this service will be useful to busy people who love to learn.

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