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Jon’s links of note: Versioning CSS files with PHP; An uploader for YouTube?; and an interesting drag-and-drop interface

Interesting idea here. Setting the cache headers is key.

Ed Eliot: Automatic merging and versioning of CSS/JS files with PHP

Quote from my friend Doug on YouTube's upload-UI issues:

Noticeably absent from the list of Amazing Youtube Tools is an uploader tool. I would like to tag and title the video on my mac, maybe using spotlight or even iTunes, and simply indicate I would like the video on youtube. Somehow in the background, my video would be reliably uploaded to youtube, whether I log in or our of my machine, the internet connection is interrupted, etc.

Finally, seen on StyleGala - an ambitious drag-and-drop interface. As SG said, "This is not a perfect website ... it is far from it but it's different".

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