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How do I upload swf files???

I have just bought out the google add space, pasted by new the html code in the same space as the previous google banner coding but I am now told by our techhy that I need to upload the swf file into the same location on the server as the homepage. How do I do this? Any ideas welcome.


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How to add an OpenSocial Application on your own social network!

To add an Application, click on the "Add Applications" link that appears in the left column of your profile page, beneath your photo:


This will take you to the Application Directory, where you can browse all Applications or view them by category. When you find an Application that you'd like to add, click on the "Add to My Page" button and then confirm by clicking "Add Application". The Application will now appear on your profile!…

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Viewing OpenSocial Applications Through a Virtual Organization Lens

Viewing OpenSocial Applications Through a Virtual Organization Lens

by Pierre Coupet

Time to Look Ahead

These are exciting times for social networks as the OpenSocial developer community continues to bloom and flourish. However, that being said, it's important to note that social networks are currently in the process of evolving to virtual organizations and, therefore, the focus of our veteran OpenSocial developers should be on the relevance… Continue

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web cam chat

does anyone know if theres a way to connect a live web cam chat room where all members can come together? something like webcam

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WHAT is NING.......... THINKING?

I just wanted to get to the bottom of this rumor that you may be closing all sites that are adult in nature or "18+". Our site, Phlockers Gone Wild is considered 18 plus, not because it is a porn site ( it is/was first and foremost a site for people who are parrot heads or who live a tropical life style to connect to like minded individuals) because we chose not to censor peoples actions or ban people as a result of their actions we felt it best to make it an adults only site.

There… Continue

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Ning's Presentation at the OpenSocial's First Birthday

A couple of weeks ago, OpenSocial had its first birthday party in San Francisco, and Ning was one of a couple of social network containers that was fortunate enough to attend.

Here is a presentation given by Jay Parikh (VP of Engineering) on how Ning is using OpenSocial. Of possible interest to developers is our future implementation of Network-wide OpenSocial Applications, to be… Continue

Added by Ernie H. on December 2, 2008 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

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