Testing Applications

Adding your Application

The Ning Apps interface is available for Network Creators via the Ning Apps icon. This will display Ning Apps that have previously been accepted in the Ning Apps Directory.

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Adding an Application by URL

As an Application Developer, you can bypass the Ning App Directory and test your Ning App directly by creating a Ning Network per usual, and add your XML URL manually. To add your XML file, navigate to the following URL:


Note that examplenetwork is the name of the Ning Network.

In the text box, paste the URL of your Application XML file.


The following ports for supported for hosting Network Apps: 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS), 81, 8080, 8081, 8443.

A Note on Caching

By default, all OpenSocial Applications will have caching enabled to ensure that all Ning Networks are running at its speediest. That said, if you are actively developing an OpenSocial Application and would like to temporarily turn caching off, you can bypass the caching mechanism by adding ?ningapp_nocache=1 to the URL of the profile or canvas page that you’re viewing.

Otherwise, the following caching logic is used:

  • Is the cache over a week old? If so, fetch a new version right away.
  • If the cache is not over a week old, is the cache over 24 hours old? If so, fetch a new version in the background; this request uses the stale version, but subsequent requests will not.
  • If the cache is not over 24 hours old, go ahead and use the cached version.

Removing an Application

To remove a Ning App, go to the Tab Manager under your Manage page as a Network Creator, click the X icon to remove the app, and click on Save.