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Ning is different from other social network containers in that members can create their own Ning Networks that other members can join; as a result, members can freely access pages of a network outside of member profile page, and the “Main View” has been created to reflect this; the object variable “ning” has been created to get specific metadata related to a Ning Network (See “Ning Specific Methods.”) For maximum portibility, the OWNER object is the Network Creator.

If you’ve previously created a Profile App on Ning or an OpenSocial Application on another social network container, here’s a handy chart outlining the differences between Profile and Ning Apps:

Description Profile Apps Ning Apps
Primary View Profile Canvas
Supplementary Views Supported Canvas (1), About View Profile (Optional, Defaulted Off), About View
Who adds an application A member of a Ning Network Network Creator of a Ning Network
Canvas view contains tabs in the navigation of Ning Network? No Yes
Activity Streams via Writes to the “Recent Activity” module on a member’s specific profile page Writes to the “Recent Activity” module of the main page of a Ning Network
Alert Messaging via requestSendMessage Has the ability to message all friends of a member of a Ning Network Has the ability to message all members of a Ning Network via Alerts, the in-network messaging system. (Members of a network have the ability to get Alert notifications via e-mail.)

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