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Better Email Notifications – Increase User Engagement with Automated Email Newsletters

(For Public Networks Only)

One of the most proven ways to re-engage your network’s members is to send them periodic emails highlighting recent activity on your site. Now you can add your own automated email newsletter to your Ning site with the free application from NutshellMail.

The NutshellMail application, named a finalist of the 2009 Ning Appathon, gives your users the ability to sign up for a newsletter that highlights recent and featured content from your network. The app places an “Email Newsletter” tab on your network that your members can opt-in to receiving on a schedule of their choosing (as seldom as once a week or as often as three times a day). You can see an example of an email newsletter for the Creator's Network below.

Benefits of the NutshellMail app:
• Increase readership and site visits
• Encourage more participation and comments
• No work for you –its fully automated
• It’s Free

By giving your members the ability to receive periodic updates from your network on their own schedule, the NutshellMail app keeps your members up to date on the latest activity from your network and helps to pull users back into your site. The key is in giving your users 100% of the control. Users choose to sign up and can select how often they want to be notified. In addition, users can choose to add notifications from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn so that they can monitor activity from all their social networks in single consolidated email digest and will, therefore, open their email newsletter more often.

Click here to learn more about the free NutshellMail app

Click here to install the free NutshellMail app on your network

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Note: This app is only available for public Ning networks

Example Email Newsletter from Ning Creators:

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Comment by Ken Carroll on February 5, 2010 at 4:32am
I found the same as Jeff.

3 drop down list of times which make no sense.

The other major problem is that it does not cover content added to the network from other NING apps. For example Classifieds etc or NewsShare etc. In my view its essential that any newsletter sent out from the network can summarise all the main content for the members. I can't see myself using NutShellMail unless it can include all content added to the network.
Comment by Jeff on February 4, 2010 at 3:52am
Well, I tried this. Installed it and then logged in as a non admin member. The only schedule options are 3 drop down lists of times that make no sense.

How do you schedule it to come out say twice a week etc. There are no options for selecting this?

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