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PHOTO ALBUMS on Ning networks (my pet peeve)

PHOTO ALBUMS on Ning networks (my pet peeve)

I really enjoy the photo feature in the Ning networks but I do have a pet peeve. First the good stuff..

The bulk upload of photos, awesome! "5 stars"
I upload many photos at a time usually around 70 photos at once.

Albums are a great feature, but this is where the peeve comes in.

I would like to see a feature added in the albums a Map like the one attached to the individual photos. Being a GPS enthusiast I try to put map coordinates attached to my photos whenever I can.

I would like to see a BULK MOVE feature from photos section to the album. Moving 70 photos individually it quite time consuming and sometimes the pics jump back right after I place the pic in the album..( maybe that is only my computer..)

Well there you have it. "My pet-peeve" whether or not it means anything to anyone else.
Anyone else have the same thoughts? Is there somewhere I should post this that it will make a difference?

Have a great day!

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