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OpenSocial Wikis and Compliance Tests

Hi everyone!

Here are two more two additional tools that OpenSocial developers may find useful:

1. As previously mentioned on the OpenSocial API Blog, there is now a wiki for all things OpenSocial. The wiki contains tutorials, API references and information about other social network containers. While still in its infancy stage, the wiki could prove especially useful if you're a developer porting your OpenSocial Application into Ning from a different container or vice-versa.

2. Different social network containers handle OpenSocial APIs differently. As a result, compliance tests are created in the form of test gadgets. The page on Google Code gives a bit more detail:

"... These gadgets should run on any container and will output whether the container passes or fails compliance. Right now there are three levels of tests, p0, p1, and p2. The p0 tests must pass in order for a container to be spec compliant. The p1 and p2 tests should pass but are more about developer usability issues and are not required for spec compliance. Lower numbered issues are more urgent, for example, a p1 test failure indicates a higher priority issue than p2 test failure. Sets of related tests are grouped into test suites. A list of all current test suites and tests is at the end of this document."

In other words, these tests go into greater detail as to what OpenSocial 0.7 APIs are supported and which are not. You can view the application running on a test social network here.

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Comment by dave morris on November 18, 2008 at 12:30pm
A good rule for all developers of active web content is that they always either enable script debugging or show notification for errors. When I went to the above link, I moused over something which resulted in a screen full of script errors and a JavaScript stack overflow.

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