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The Ning Blog wrote about Pieronymus Art Network:

The Pieronymus Art Network, or PAN, gathers artists from six continents to discuss their craft and just hang out.

In many ways, PAN is an elaboration on the interests and talents of its Network Creator, Pieronymus. For example, Pieronymus is fluent in Hungarian, German, and English. Accordingly, you’ll find “Magyar csoport“, a “Deutsche Gruppe“, and “p.a.n world USA“. Artistic interest extends far beyond these countries, as you’ll also find a group for artists in India and one for those interested in art of the Middle East.

This network’s groups section is particularly impressive because it maintains active dialogue not just in hubs sorted by geography, but in ones categorized by specialty as well. This allows artists to critique each others’ work and compare aesthetics in a more focused manner. I thought it was particularly cool that more than 30 members had gotten together for a group devoted to illustrations for children’s books.

With nearly 500 talented and active contributors, the Pieronymus Art Network is a valuable resource for arists and art enthusiasts worldwide!

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