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Social network for kids -- issues with ads

Yikes! Setting up the social network site was fairly easy. I saw the ad that said You Have 2 Secret Crushes 2 People Want to Chat with You. Try Our Chat Rooms for Free Now! and thought of course I will be able to block that ad. No luck so far. I understand and believe in the use of ads to support a site but think that filtering a specific ad should be possible. I can do that in my AdWords account on Google for another site that I operate and that seemed like it would be normal here. Any suggestions?

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Comment by WebMaster on January 15, 2008 at 9:11pm
This is not good. The latest ad comes up
Pimp My Profile
Free Backgrounds & Profile Layouts Download Them Now 100% Free

Sheesh....when did "pimp" become a family word? I know, I know "Pimp my Ride" etc, but still ... that's another ad I'd like to remove....

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