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Probably most of you already visited it. Since mid-March, the Ning page is personalized. You open it either on clicking on Ning on the left of the upper bar of most of the networks, or on

What I would like to tell you is that this new page is much facilitating (by many possible ways) your browsing into the whole Ning, to know what happens in the most active of your networks, and to find new networks and new friends.

I tell you a secret : I decided to open the ART NETWORK DIRECTORY as a network just after viewing the new Ning page, because I was sure that the Ning page is a major improvement and that Ning has the greatest possible future as a social networking platform.

I was right. Everyday new stuff of high quality comes on my networks with no additional time spent.

For your networks to get an exciting development, take care to define it with the most accurate title, subtitle, and network tags.

And create Groups in the ART NETWORK DIRECTORY to tell to the most active Art networkers on Ning how YOUR network is different from the others in terms of goal, target, topics, special features, regular events, etc etc.

Let us enjoy together Art, Ning, and Ning art networks.



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