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one of my members who I asked to join my site a bit more inspired than normal- She had beautiful photos so I wanted her to join, load them, so that I could feature them, she wanted to later wanted them to be private to only her friends. I showed her how to do this but... she later tells me that she can still view her PRIVATE photos while offline, now I was amazed so I tried it myself and I could still view my just made private photos offline as well!

Due to this situation and how I was made aware. I noticed my member deleted allllll off her wonderful travel pictures from the site- witch were all of her pics but her main photo- This takes away from my users experience when they cant share their pictures to their friends

While my site being a religious based website with muslim women not wanting to show their hair who are married to other men, I am sure you can see why this would be an even larger privacy issue, and thats just one example

Is it any fix being worked on about this?


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