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Welcome to, BeyondThe Living!!!

"I am God in Human existence a galactic activation portal - I am the threshold to all dimensions".

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I hope you enjoy all that I have put here and an opportunity to get to know one another better.Come join me here its AMAZING AND THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES...

Come join me on my Radio Show @ - Beyond The Living-OBE Every Tuesdays at 6:00pm PST and 9:00pm EST

Come join our chat room or web cam and who knows what magic will come from all this, lets explore the possibilities of coming to my show...
Blessings to you,

    "I am God in Human existence a galactic activation portal - I am the threshold to all dimensions".

 " What you think about what you fear most, conscious or unconscious, will, indeed, become a reality weather you like it or not. So Be a deliberate Creator, and transform your fears into Liquid Golden Divine Nectar so you may have your desired outcome.

"I am in physical form in this Magnificent Leading Edge Experience ascending my consciousness to embodying The Divine Feminine into physical form".

My life experiences have cultured me, funned me, loved me, sensitized me, en-passioned me, in-visioned me, enlightened me, compassioned me, expanded me,awakened me into existence.


My name is Sonia Novick I’m originally from Mexico City born and raised, so I consider myself Mexican first and thereafter part of the global community. I am an author, life coach, mentor, and Internet Radio Show host personality with Real Coaching Radio…


Video with Sonia in action
I have been gifted with telepathic, some telekinetic abilities, remote viewing abilities, I am able to speak to people that have passed away.

I have been astral traveling since I can remember.

I have retained all my memories from the other side, and many previous lifetimes with full awareness of my existence before arriving here in physical form. I have lived through 2 near death experiences, where I actually died and was resuscitated.

Since I was 5 years old my family called me a little brujita = witch due to my psychic telekinetic, and tele-transportation abilities, in my culture this was very acceptable, since the world of the supernatural is so much more a natural part of the fiber of the native indigenous Mexican culture.

For the past 40 some years of my adult life I have been preparing for this moment in becoming a mentor and teacher to these higher realms of consciousness, as an out of body trainer,
dimensional traveling guide, a Trans-Channel for "The Avatar Group Consciousness, and a self realized galactic being.
I was born with these gifts and talents as everyone else has these gifts the difference is that I have chosen to develp these talents.

Now I am being called to step into the light and share this knowledge and Divine Nectar Love with the world, all this is happening due to the Ascension process this planet is undergoing right now and beyond 2012, so 144,000+ of us are being called to step up to the plater sort to speak to illuminate ourselves and thereafter this planet.

My passions in life, is to expand peoples consciousness as well as their awareness of who they really are, and why they are here.

This is one of the many reasons I joined Real Coaching Radio to share my mission, story and my knowledge of what is waiting for us beyond the living beyond 2012 to connect with a team of forward thinkers within all communities, transmuting and transforming our lives and those we touch…
Why I am here is to serve: I am here to teach others a way to a new paradigm of existence and consciousness, to achieve a higher realm of joy, and inner peace though the process of transforming living and moving into their fears & transmuting them into Liquid Light Nectar Pure Consciousness. This is my MISSION in creating a company ASCENSION UNIVERSITY where peoples consciousness can expand and express itself freely beyond this realm or reality into it's Divine multifaceted beingness.

Once again I am here is to serve: I am here to teach others a way to a new paradigm of existence, being a communication channel for “The Avatar Consciousness Group” "AN EMBODIMENT, A BODILY MANIFESTATION OF THE DIVINE." to come through and share the wisdom and their insights from another higher dimensional level of existence in the Non-Physical realms to enhance your consciousness and awareness, so you may if you choose achieve a higher realm of joy, and inner peace. This our MISSION in creating a company “Ascension University” where peoples consciousness can expand and express itself freely far beyond this realm or reality or existence.

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