January 27th, 2012 Changelog

New features


We have added the featuredDate property to blog posts, photos, members, and comments. This field is a timestamp of when the Network Creator or an administrator clicked the feature button on the Ning Site.

Additionally we added the ability to sort on the featuredDate property. The most recently featured items will come first. Note that the createdDate property is not used as part of the sort order. This means that an a blog post from two years ago that was featured today will come before a blog post I featured yesterday. This can be used to highlight greatest hits from the past.


Get twenty recently featured Blog Posts:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/BlogPost/featured?count=20&fields=featuredDate

Get twenty recently featured Photos:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/Photo/featured?count=20&fields=featuredDate

Get twenty recently featured members:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/User/featured?count=20&fields=featuredDate

Get twenty recently featured comments:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/Comment/featured?count=20&fields=featuredDate