id (id) [Read only]
Unique identifier for this comment. For example: 94301:Comment:8675
author (screenname) [Read only]
The screen name of the member who created the comment
createdDate (date) [Read only]
When the comment was created
updatedDate (date) [Read only]
When the comment was last updated
featuredDate (date) [Read only]
When the comment was featured
description (string) [Read/Write]
The text of the comment
attachedTo (id) [Read only]
The ID of content the comment is for
attachedToType (type) [Read only]
The type of content that the comment is attached to
attachedToAuthor (id) [Read only]
The owner of the content that the comment is attached to
approved (boolean) [Read/Write]
True if the administer has approved this comment


author.fullName (string) [Read only]
The full name of the author
author.iconUrl (url) [Read only]
The author’s profile photo
author.url (url) [Read only]
The author’s profile page on the Ning Network



Retrieve comments sorted by createdDate

Required Query Parameters:

attachedTo (id)
Retrieve comments for a specific content item

Optional Query Parameters:

approved (boolean)
If true, only retrieve approved comments
fields (field)
Comma-separated list of desired properties, this is only a hint to the server
anchor (string)
An opaque token encodes the page of results returned, used in conjunction with count to page through a result set
count (int)
Returns one comment by default and supports a maximum of 100. Also supports negative values down to -100 for retrieving comments before the anchor.



Create a new comment. The attachedTo and description properties are required when creating a comment.



Delete the comment with the given ID

Required Query Parameters:

id (id)
The ID of the comment