Manage your friends and access list of friends of another member on your Ning Network.


author (screenname) [Read only]
The screen name of the member who made the friend request
friend (screenname) [Read/Write]
The screen name of the member who received the friend request
state (string) [Read/Write]
The state of the relationship between the author and friend. Can be either pending, friend, or blocked.



Retrieve your list of friend or the friends of another member.

Optional Query Parameters:

author (screenname)
Retrieve the list of friends for a specific member
state (string)
Only return friends in a certain state. Can be either friend, friend_request, follower, pending, blocked_friend, blocked_follower
fields (field)
Comma-separated list of desired properties, this is only a hint to the server
anchor (string)
An opaque token encodes the page of results returned, used in conjunction with count to page through a result set
count (int)
Returns one friend by default and supports a maximum of 100. Also supports negative values down to -100 for retrieving friends before the anchor



Add another member as a friend. The state of the relationship will be pending until the member accepts the request.



Remove the friend with the given screenname.

Required Query Parameters:

friend (screenname)
The screenname of the friend to remove
state (string)
Type of relationship to remove, supports friend or follower