The Ning API respects the privacy settings of your content. There are 3 different visibility settings for content items:

All members of your site can view the content item
Only members you have added as friends on the site can view the content item
Only the creator of the content item can view it


The privacy settings for a site does not apply to the Ning API (only the visibility settings of content items applies). This is done because you must be a member of the site to use the API. Members of a Ning Network can can already see the content on a private site, so custom functionality and code they interact with should be able to do the same.

Additional notes about visibility settings

Currently the friends visibility setting is treated the same as the me visibility setting.

An exception to the visibility rules is made for the Network Creator. The Network Creator can see all content, regardless of visibility settings. At this time. Network administrators and content moderators are unable to see private content.

Surfacing your own private content

There are 2 ways to retrieve your own private content.

Fetch items by ID

Example: To view one of your private blog posts you would use this request:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/BlogPost?id=<Blog Post ID>

Filtering a list of results by the author

Example: To see a list of all your recent blog posts, including private posts, you would make the following request:

GET /xn/rest/apiexample/1.0/BlogPost/recent?author=<my screen name>


A request made for a list of items without an author filter will only return content with visibility all.