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Activity on Pledging for Change

Does Forum Marketing Still Work?

Ask any quality ethical SEO company and they will still say that forum marketing still has an important role to play on your overall SEO and marketing strategy. This is particularly relevant if you are a member of a quality forum that is in your niche and that is going to be around for a […]

Helping Students Become Lifelong Learners AND Focus On Careers

  It’s the ultimate debate among educators: are we training students to be lifelong learners, or are we preparing them for their future careers? Why can’t it be both? I work with high school students in Philadelphia, and, like many teachers, take on more than one role in my busy school. Specifically, I teach AP […]

Online Education Admissions is Making the World Smarter

  The internet has given us many gifts, but one of the greatest benefits has been the focus on global online education. It is possible for anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they live, to learn anything from geometry to physics to conversational Mandarin. Organizations such as Khan Academy have sprung up specifically […]

How can SMEs save on costs and help the environment?

The question of ‘green issues’ is something that any business operating today needs to consider across a wide range of different scenarios. Not only are there governmental regulations to adhere to, there are also questions of public concern which can affect client and customer relations as well. With larger companies, the ability to boast ‘green […]

Good Leaders Tell Stories

  How do you get excited toddlers to calm down before bed? You tell them a story. How do you teach first-graders how to share, how to treat others respectfully and how to be tolerant of differences? You tell them stories. How do you help middle school students understand the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement […]

Ocean Contamination

Imagine, if you will, the earth as a human body, and all the water in rivers, lakes and oceans as that body’s blood supply, filling the lungs (i.e., the atmosphere) with oxygen and taking wastes away via delivery to the kidneys, liver and intestines (and perhaps even to the appendix and/or tonsils, though doctors are […]

The Business Etiquette of a Conference Call

Times are changing in the business world but you can still only be in one place at a time. What is changing is the state of business technology that has grown to allow brands to be more productive than ever. Businesses can meet virtually through conference calls but often with this new method of meeting, […]

Fukushima Aftermath: What to Expect if You’re Expecting

  A recent conversation with an older and more experienced OB/GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) led to some startling surprises about the behaviors, nutritional needs and deep concerns of women who are expecting a baby in today’s hectic world. Given the higher ratio of infant deformities and health problems stemming from the 2012 Fukushima nuclear accident […]

City Planning Now For A Sustainable Future

sydney harbour
Medieval folk knew well the impact of urban design, or lack of it. In the Middle Ages, cities grew as population demanded, with little to no planning, and the result was filth, congestion and poor sanitation, contributing to a squalor that bred pestilence. Before anyone thought to practice more efficient urban planning, a third of […]

Eliminating the Obstacles to EV Adoption

With gas prices soaring and petroleum supplies dwindling, the electric car, at first glance, seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many obstacles still stand in the way of electric vehicles (or EVs) gaining widespread public acceptance and a competitive place in the market. While the challenges facing the EV are widespread and complex, advances in technology […]

The 5th Crime against Humanity

an end to ecocide
  Under rules of the European Commission, or EC, a European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) allows EU residents to collaborate in designing EU law and policy. Effective April 1, 2012, the provision is part of the Treaty of Lisbon and aims at expanding “direct democracy” among its members. The current initiative, operating under the aegis of […]

“Greening” Our Schools through the Power of Involvement

Schools are the foundation of our children’s future; however, it takes energy to consistently upkeep the buildings that provide our kids with an education. What better way to involve students in the “green-revolution” than to have their school participate in eco-friendly activities? Here are some interesting ways to get your children or even your students […]

Live Events Expose Your Cause

 If you want to get the word out about your cause one of the best and quickest ways to do so is to host, organize, or participate in live events. Whether it’s a march, rally, lecture, presentation, or something else, live events can have a huge impact in awareness for your cause and allow for greater […]

The Top 4 Eco-friendly Marketing Techniques

  The rising competition for consumers in the modern market is causing sleepless nights to most marketers all over the world. Some consumers are getting increasingly concerned about the rising prices of basic commodities and for this reason; they are now looking for cheaper alternatives. This has also led to an increase of counterfeit products […]

Adding Value To Your Career – Adaptive Behaviors

  As time keeps evolving, each change raises a voice for adaptation. This concept of survival of the fittest can be translated in the modern era as the survival of the adapter. Your career is directly related to how much you are willing to go above and beyond yourself. There are limits, but there is […]

How Can A Private Investigator Catch A Serial Fly-tipper?

fly tipping
What Is Fly Tipping? Fly-tipping, fly dumping or illegal dumping are other names that refer to the dumping of waste illegally. It is only legal to dispose of household or business waste in authorized rubbish dumps which may require a payment to do so, especially for business users. Businesses are required under the Environmental Protection […]

Top Endangered Species

Contemporary awareness of polar bears’ possible extinction, caused by global warming effects, might be extended to a wider range of animals. In particular, in 2012 IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) introduced a list of species that are eager to disappear by 2020 ….therefore, several years are left to enlarge their population or even […]

When Advertising Meets Crazy

Do something mad or daring and you might get sponsored There are  more and more companies using alternative ways to advertise their products by jumping on the bandwagon of what I can only call “crazy mad people who doing amazing things or stunts that are not for the feint hearted” Completely bonkers but where would […]

How To Join The Zero Waste Movement

Recycling is a big movement at the moment and it’s set to grow as more governments around the world are setting targets to minimize and reduce waste generation and disposal. We can all play our part and move towards a zero waste existence. It may sound impossible, but if you think about recycling everything you […]

Top 5 Green Cities in Europe

  The speed of renewable energy generation increases gradually every year, especially in highly developed countries. It is a fact of common knowledge that Europe has almost accomplished its plan on reaching sustainable development momentum, considering the number of alternative energy facilities, “green” agendas and eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the recent plans, announced by European […]

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