Writing to the Activity StreamΒΆ

The following code will let an OpenSocial Application on Ning write to the Latest Activity module on a member’s profile page, provided that the Application is installed on your profile page and you are viewing it:

<script type="text/javascript">
function postActivity(text) {
  var params = {};
  params[opensocial.Activity.Field.TITLE] = text;
  params[opensocial.Activity.Field.BODY] = "<a href='http://www.yahoo.com'>Hello World</a>";
  var activity = opensocial.newActivity(params);
  opensocial.requestCreateActivity(activity, opensocial.CreateActivityPriority.HIGH, callback);

function callback(data) {
  /* callback is an optional function which is called after requestCreateActivity. */
  /* do what you would like with the data attribute. */
  document.getElementById("dom_handler").innerHTML = "Latest activity will be shown when you refresh your profile page.";

postActivity("This is a sample activity, created at " + new Date().toString());
<div id="dom_handler"></div>

The requestCreateActivity API has a quota of 5 invocations per member, per application, per day. This means that a member can call the functionality five times a day for each application. New Activity Feed data can only be written to a member’s Profile Page, not the main page of a Ning Network. With the exception of the <a> tag, all HTML is stripped from the text before the API is invoked.

No HTML is allowed when writing to the Activity Stream.

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